Lessons from Coca-Cola


cokearoundtheworldAlthough Coca-Cola is not a non-profit organization, there is a lot that non-profits can learn from their business techniques. Coca-Cola is one of the few companies that has managed to be successful in every type of country, even countries that are in extreme poverty. Since Compassion International is a non-profit organization that deals with children and young adults from impoverished countries, there is a lot they can learn from Coca-Cola.

According to a Ted Talk by Melinda Gates, three main things that Coca-Cola does to be successful is use real-time data, entrepreneurial talent, and marketing. By using real-time data, Coca-Cola was able to realize that in foreign countries, using entrepreneurial talent is key. By showing the people of the country that selling Coca-Cola on a cart can be a way for them to bring in their own income, many of these people are able to make a living by doing this in their country and thus promoting Coca-Cola simultaneously. This is what leads us to Melinda’s third point of marketing. By using marketing techniques like this, Coca-Cola is not only bringing in revenue, but is also globalizing its brand. Today, Coca-Colas brand image can be recognized in almost any country.

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By using Coca-Cola’s techniques, Compassion International can also become a brand that is

recognized worldwide. Compassion International already promotes entrepreneurial techniques among it’s sponsors by encouraging them to participate in Compassion Sunday, where they host a Sunday church service in order to share the mission of Compassion International with their church family and allow them to adopt a child at the end of the service if they so desire. By doing this, they are not only allowing more children to be adopted and lives to be changed forever, but they are also exposing the brand to a whole new audience.

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The more that Compassion International is exposed, the more children will be released from poverty. It’s funny how two companies that have so little in common can learn so much from one another!

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