Compassion’s Customer Service

I have been a donor to Compassion International since January 2011, and since then I have experienced nothing but great customer service. Since most of the interactions the sponsors and donors have with Compassion International are through mailers and fliers, it is crucial that the information and messages that they mail out to their consumers is both interesting and engaging, so it does not end up in the trash.

A Compassion International sponsor is responsible for one donation a month. If this donation is somehow not received or if there is an error in the system, Compassion International handles the situation both gently and professionally. Once I switched banks and forgot to change my card number on my account with Compassion. I received a letter in the mail that noted “IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR ACCOUNT”, so I knew I needed to read it. Since Compassion does not overload their consumers with junk mail, they are more likely to read the important messages.


While a Compassion International sponsor is only responsible for one donation a month, there are many other holidays throughout the year. Your sponsored child’s birthday and Christmas are two holidays that Compassion International will always send a special letter regarding, letting you know it is possible to send a gift and/or an extra donation. Another way Compassion lets their sponsors know they can help their child is during disasters in their child’s home town. If a drought, tsunami, or other natural disaster has occurred, Compassion will notify sponsors and let them know how they can help. This is another way Compassion utilizes the important events and avoids overloading their consumers with messages.

ImageThese examples show that by not overloading their consumers with mailers and fliers, Compassion International does a great job through their main form of communication with theirconsumer. Through this type of communication, Compassion leaves themselves room to send my favorite kind of mail: a blank, paid-postage card, that says, “It only takes 5 minutes to write to your sponsored child!”

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