A Tagline, or A Mission?

For any company, the tagline can make or break whether or not a customer remembers your brand. For nonprofit organizations, this simple piece of marketing is vital. Compassion International has a headline that reflects their company values, speaks to donors and sponsors, and also explains their mission. 
“Releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name”
While this tagline doesn’t rhyme, have alliteration or any sort of catchy jargon- it does encompass what Compassion International is all about. 
Compassion International has company values that are set to not only release children from monetary poverty, but also from spiritual poverty. By incorporating Sunday School and nursery classes that are focused on bible studies, children in the Compassion Sponsorship program are truly released from poverty, in Jesus’ name, just like their tagline states.
The second thing the tagline does for Compassion International is it lets donors and sponsors know that releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name is their mission. Compassion International is not just set out to release children from monetary poverty or generational poverty, but they are willing to release children from these poverty situations and do it alongside Christ. Having these two goals as the main blocks of the tagline give it purpose, meaning and connection to potential donors and sponsors.
Finally, the last thing the Compassion International tagline does is explain their mission. Their mission statement reads:
“In response to the Great Commission, Compassion International exists as an advocate for children, to release them from their spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty and enable them to become responsible and fulfilled Christian adults.”
Basically, their tagline is a shortened version of their mission statement. This is true for most non-profit organizations, as well as for-profit organizations. A tagline’s purpose is to be associated with a brand or purpose, and since Compassion International puts their tagline with their logo every time- they should not have a problem with this type of recognition.
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