Branding Compassion

In my last few posts, I have been discussing programs that Compassion International has implemented, how they have been successful and struggles they may encounter along the way.  Over the years, Compassion International has remained at the top of the food chain as a not-for-profit organization for more than one reason: brand integrity, brand ethics, and brand affinity,  Compassion International has distinguished itself as an organization and has made a huge impact in it’s line of work.

Nonprofits needed a new model to measure their success as an organization- one that allowed their brand to serve their mission while staying in line with their values and culture. A new model was formed and was called IDEA Framework. “IDEA” stands for brand integrity, brand democracy, brand ethics, and brand affinity

Compassion International meets the requirements for all four components of IDEA Framework, but today we will just look at three.

Compassion International easily meets the brand integrity segment of IDEA, because Compassion International is always emphasizing what makes them unique as  brand and promoting their commitment to integrity in their advertisements. Not only do they promote this quality in ads, but they also show it in their service to donors. ImageThe brand ethics are another segment of compassion that set them apart from other brands. When they describe what their commitments are, it only takes a few words: children, christ, and the church. This same honestly is echoed throughout the organization.


The third way Compassion International sets itself apart from others is through brand affinity. Compassion International works alongside other brands such as Extraordinary Women and StudentLife, and both of these conference type organizations have nothing but good things to say about partnering with Compassion.


All of these reasons (and more!) make Compassion International a wonderful organization to chose as a way to adopt a chid in need. Not only does Compassion International have brand identity, ethics, and affinity, but they are also doing things the right way- “In Jeses’ Name”.

Goodbye for Now!

All photos from Compassion International


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