Breaking Through the Challenges

Launching a new product, program, or campaign involves many risks and challenges, especially for a non-profit organization. When Compassion International decided to launch their Future Leader program, they probably faced many challenges and obstacles unique to their organization.


In order to decide what the obstacles are for a program, we first must decide what our targeted demographic is. For Compassion International, the targeted demographic of potential sponsors is:

  • Americans
  • Christians or Potential Christians
  • Middle to Upper Class
  • Those who have interest in enhancing the well-being of others
  • Those who are interested in spreading the gospel
  • Typically generous and unselfish with their money

Now that we know what our targeted demographic is, we can asses how Compassion handles potential issues regarding the Future Leader Program (which I discussed in my previous post that discussed Building Leaders.)

An example of a challenge of the Future Leader program is finding sponsors for the young adults this program supports. When most people think of sponsoring an individual in a foreign country, they think of sponsoring a young child who is sick or needs food and shelter- not a young adult who is trying to further their education.

ImageOne way Compassion International is reaching out to their target market and persuading them to reconsider sponsoring a young adult, is by posting success stories on their webpage to show the blessings they can create in these ambitious, young people’s lives. 


By seeing these images and reading these stories, an individual like the one we described as Compassion International’s target demographic is much more likely to sponsor a young adult and help them thrive in their education and career, all while learning more about God and building a new, personal relationship with their sponsor.

Goodbye for now!

Photos from Compassion International Website.


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