Building Leaders

Compassion International is not just a charity that helps children in poverty survive.

As I have written about in previous blogs, Compassion International is a charity that provides impoverished children with the necessities they need to survive and then encourages them spiritually and mentally so they can continue on to thrive as human beings. Compassion International also allows their monetary sponsors to benefit from the programs they support by offering free communication to and from their sponsored children and encouraging prayer in their relationship.

While all of these things make Compassion International both different than their competitors and a charity that I am happy to support, their programs are also a reason Compassion International has been voted in the top 1% of all charities for financial integrity for the past 12 years.


Compassion International offers “A Lifetime of Compassion” for it’s sponsored children, and the program that I am most excited for my sponsored child, Vaati, to participate in is the LeadershipDevelopment Program.

This is a way for people to sponsor current students that came from poverty situations. This program is not only a way to help young adults succeed at gaining higher education, but it is also a way to help break the cycle of poverty. These people may be the first in their families to graduate college and obtain a job, which would create a new standard of living for their future family.


Because of programs like this, Compassion International is not limited to age groups under the age of 18. Compassion International is not just concerned with helping children until they are “adults”. With programs like these, sponsors can help their sponsored children continue to thrive into their adulthood. Rather than “surviving” until adulthood just to fall back into a poverty life cycle, the Leadership Development Program allows sponsors to help their sponsored children become successful adults.

Goodbye for Now!

Photos from Compassion International Leadership Development Page


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