Thriving VS Surviving

How is Compassion International different than any other charity that donates money, clothing, food, shelter, or medication to children in need?
At Compassion International, their mission is not just about a lack of money. Their mission focuses on releasing children from poverty, one child at a time. Compassion International does not just focus on poverty on a monetary level, but they also focus on emotional and physical poverty. Compassion International believes that each child has a God-given potential to fill, and it is our duty to help them reach that potential when their human rights are stripped away. This is what makes Compassion International different from other charities like them!
Unlike their competition, Compassion International is not focused on having their sponsored children “survive“, they want their sponsored children to “THRIVE.” Compassion International is constantly encouraging the sponsors to communicate and engage with the child/children they sponsor, and reach out to them with special birthday gifts, Christmas donations, or photos of their personal lives.


Compassion International is different than their competition because they encourage not only the children but also their sponsors. Compassion International sponsors are continuously encouraged to pray for, reach out to, and minister to their sponsored children as well as people in their communities about the mission Compassion strives to fulfill. Through volunteer activities and chances for sponsors to speak to their churches about this worthy cause, sponsors of Compassion International are given a whole new opportunity to reach out to others in faith.

By building children up spiritually while releasing them from poverty through money that is given by sponsors that are also being built up by Compassion International, this non-profit organization is making a huge difference in the lives of people on both ends of the monetary spectrum. Whether you are thriving in the USA or surviving by any means in Kenya, Compassion International is an organization that can help you.

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