In the class the other day, we discussed what we would do if the laptops we use every day were suddenly gonebroken, in the shop, fried, or eaten alive by virus’s. Within 15 minutes, I realized how much I rely on my laptop everyday.

I use my laptop daily for Gmail, Facebook, Photoshop, my online banking, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and of course- Word Press. Fortunately, most of these applications would be accessible from any computer because they are on the internet. However, what about my $200 Photoshop CS5 program? And we all know that Microsoft Office for Macs isn’t exactly cheap– so how could I possibly cope without these two pricy programs for a week?

That’s why the Cloud is so great- theres an online version of basically any program. Through the Cloud, you can basically do anything that a desktop program can do. After learning about Google Docs, I have been using it more than Microsoft Word; not only does it save as you type, (a skill I can’t seem to grasp), but it saves to to your Google account– which means I can access it in class without having to bring my laptop from any computer. In my Computer Imaging class, we have Photoshop tutorials due every Friday. I bought Photoshop in order to avoid having to go to the ATEC Lab every week to work on my tutorials, but if my laptop is unobtainable, wouldn’t I have to? Thankfully, no. Websites that provide online Photoshop techniques like and would not only save me the 10 minutes I would have spent walking to the ATEC Lab, but it would also save me the initial stress of temporarily losing Photoshop.

Originally, I was upset knowing I could get all this software for free of the Cloud- but like anything else, you pay for better quality and all the extra bells and whistles. So while it’s great to know that life would not end without my laptop, it’s also important to know to never rely completely on the Cloud- but always know it’s there to fall back on.

Goodbye for Now!

Relaxing by the Cloud


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