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I have never been a fan of Twitter. I never wanted one, I was never interested in it, I didn’t think it was beneficial/funny/convenient, I thought it was narcissistic and retarded.

But, I’m starting to be intrigued…

Especially from learning more about the business standpoint on Twitter.

Have you ever driven past a billboard and actually remembered the number? And if you somehow did manage to remember it for the remainder of your drive, did you ever call it?

Twitter makes advertisement, news, upcoming events and ideas easy to distribute to the public audience on the internet. From a business’s perspective, if you can reach a person while they are on the computer (more so, when they’re on twitter) then you can reach them while they are not so busy that they over look you (since the entire purpose of being on twitter is to communicate and recieve communications), they are probably near a phone, and they can access their email/social networking accounts to either respond to you or to tell others about you.

Also, when it comes to billboards and surveys, the results always end up based on a biased audience. They only people who actually do the surveys are the people who take the time to remember the number to call, and those are usually people who are either upset or obsessed. All kinds of people are on twitter, so you have a much broader audience to hear from.

Some businesses are based off of twitter. I had never heard of hootsuite, twellow, or cheaptweet until I got a twitter account; but they are very useful tools. The growth and popularity of twitter has made these businesses successful, and the growth and popularity of these businesses has given twitter suers a better experience.

So for the Kardashians of the world, twitter has remained a gossip filled, cocky site to brag about what you did with who and where– but for businesses and the average American, it is a great tool for receiving and distributing news, ideas, and events.

But if you’re interested in Kim getting her eyebrows waxed, twitter can help you be up to date on that as well.

Goodbye for now!

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One thought on “tweet tweet

  1. Nice post. Something happened with your paragraph alignment (everything is right justified after the first paragraph) and your links to Twitter are broken. But, otherwise, this is some interesting stuff. Keep up the good work.

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